Wheel Chair Transportation

Wheel Chair Transportation

Being in a wheelchair requires different ways for transport in order for everything to be taken care of the right way. Not only does the passenger need a way into the vehicle, but his or her chair needs to come along as well. While some transport companies will claim to be able to handle everything, make sure to check that they have the proper equipment before choosing them. With vans specifically designed for wheel chair transportation, Mercy 1 Transportation Inc will make sure that you get to your destination with everything you need.

Worried we’ll be booked? With three wheelchair vans available, you can rest assured that we’ll save them for people that need them first!

We’ll get you to your appointment on time

Punctuality is important to us, just like it’s important when you have an appointment. We’ll make sure that you’re on time by arriving early. Especially when you have a wheel chair, getting everything prepped and ready for transport can take some time. That’s why we always leave plenty of time when you have an appointment for loading and unloading and to leave some extra time in case of unexpected traffic delays. Our goal is to get you where you need to be on time so you don’t have to worry!

Our drivers are experienced

When you need transport services, you need someone that knows not only how to drive well, but how to operate all of the necessary equipment in a timely fashion. And being friendly helps too! Our drivers always treat you and your belongings with respect, taking extra care to make sure that everything is loaded properly. They know not only how to operate wheel chair lifts, but how to navigate the local streets as well.

Choose us for wheelchair transportation

Our combination of friendly service, punctuality, and value can’t be beat!

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