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Call us today for a ride (360) 896-5156

Trying to fit in a last-minute cancellation? Give us a call right away! With several vehicles available, including FOUR vans equipped with wheelchair lifts, our versatility is one of the things that sets us apart from other transport companies in the area. If we have the availability and think that we can get you to your appointment on time, we’ll let you know and head over to your pickup site right away!

Non-emergency transportation Specialists

Getting to your appointment on time can be the difference between seeing the doctor today or in a week. You can’t afford to miss your appointment and the quality care that you need. That’s why you need to choose a quality transportation company that will get you where you need to be on time. So give us a call at Mercy 1 Transportation. Specializing in local non-emergency transportation, we’ll pick you up early to make sure you can get to your destination with time to spare.

Have a wheelchair and need a lift?

Some transport companies claim that they can handle wheelchairs and don’t have the proper vehicles and equipment for the job. We do things differently. With four wheelchair vans available designed specifically for people in wheelchairs, we’ll make sure to get both you and your chair loaded properly and safely deliver you to your destination.

Our qualified drivers are always on time

When you choose us, you’re choosing drivers that know the area and will give you the best possible service. The first step to arriving at an appointment on time is getting picked up on time. We’ll do one better. We arrive early, just in case there are some unforeseen circumstances. We do the same thing when driving to your drop off point as well. When you call us, give us the time of your appointment and the address to both places, and our skilled team will work out the ideal pickup time by working out the optimal route to minimize your wait time while still arriving with time to spare. So if you need transportation services from a company that will get you there on time and treat you right, give us a call or contact us today!

Where do you need to go?

No matter where you need to go, we can get you there. While getting you from your home or other pickup site to non-emergency medical visits is our focus, we’re able to get you anywhere else you need to go too. Looking to get across town but are having trouble finding someone to accommodate your wheelchair? We can handle it. And we even allow caregivers or other assistants to ride along with you.

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